Friday, June 18, 2010

Korea vs. Argentina (대한민국 v. 아르헨티나.)

While Korea unfortunately took a beating last night 4-1 (even accidentally scoring one goal FOR Argentina!!!!), we had a great time with our co-workers at a Chicken and Beer hof.

World Cup is a HUGE deal here and Park Ji Sung (plays for Manchester United) is a GOD. We beat Greece and that was an awwwesome game. I went down to City Hall with about 30,000 other fans standing in the rain cheering on the Red Devils.

Everyone is really excited about Korea potentially moving to the next round. Hopefully Korea beats Nigeria next Tuesday...

_MG_7461 copy
_MG_7459 copy
_MG_7496 copy
_MG_7486 copy
_MG_7477 copy
_MG_7514 copy
_MG_7525 copy
After Korea scored....

Green Curry

So Helen and I have gotten to be quite the cooks and our Green Curry is top notch. We added onions, red and yellow peppers, green peas and cashews. YUM.

Inspired by this INCREDIBLE food photographer, I have decided to start photographing some of our lovelier dishes...

_MG_7438 copy
_MG_7456 copy

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Korean Dogs, Part 1

While to say I'm not a fan of small dogs is an understatement....Koreans are obsessed with their dogs (on any given day you will see at least one dog wearing shoes, a sweater vest, barrettes or dyed hair) and these pups have made for some good photo ops.

_MG_6954 copy
_MG_7377 copy
_MG_5156 copy
_MG_6937 copy copy
_MG_1652 copy
_MG_6885 copy

Even More Hoodrats...

_MG_7419 copy

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mr. Kim's House

The owner of our hagwon (school) and 3 others, took us all to Everland for an end of semester fun day. Then we went back to his awesome house for a incredible buffet dinner and hilarious drinking games.

_MG_7385 copy
_MG_7399 copy
K poppin bottles with a giant spoon
_MG_7401 copy
Kelvin: "Eye docter...eye docter!"
Me: "Ok, how many fingers am I holding up??"
Kelvin: "Five! Three! Airplane!"
_MG_7415 copy


Went to Everland with last Thursday - what a way to spend a school day! It was a perfect day for rollercoasters and the T-Express was maybe the best ride I've ever been on...
_MG_7278 copy
_MG_7285 copy
_MG_7290 copy
_MG_7298 copy
_MG_7352 copy
_MG_7369 copy
_MG_7354 copy