Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bye bye Paradise...

These were from our last day in El Nido...we went out for an awesome dive with a Romanian guy, Nepalese girl, Greek dude and our Brit dive master. Honestly, I've never seen bluer/greener water in my life and the underwater visibility was incredible. The coral and fish here were incredible (albeit for the "Crown of Thorns" that have recently swept in...). I saw fish and coral I've never even dreamed possible - things that even the most imaginative DreamWorks animator couldn't come up with. Was so proud of Helen...she got to dive without a license (or training for that matter...I would guess this is not legal in other parts of the world) and I got down to 22 meters and did three dives (45 minutes, 52 minutes and 62 minutes, respectively). I sure miss this place one month later...If anyone ever wants to go, know I'll gladly be your guide :)


I've been totally slackin on this blog since I got my new camera. It's so easy to carry around! And I'm not afraid of dropping it/breaking it/getting it stolen when I'm out. Soon though...

_MG_7976 copyb
_MG_7994 copy
Panos for the $$ shot.
_MG_8003 copy
Just what I'm craving after 65 minutes under water....cough cough cough.
_MG_7997 copy

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

H in the Van

_MG_7967 copy

Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Puerto Princesa is great for two reasons: proximity to the Underground River and fresh-water pearls. After a long day at the river with our new Filipino friends Sheila, Sam, Alan and Joana they took us to a local pearl market where we bought pearl earrings for (I kid you not), $0.75 a piece. Sheila showed us how to tell if they were real or not: bite them or scratch them on a hard surface. They were real.

After the market we went to a local "nice" restaurant and engorged on every Filipino dish available. Some famous Filipino dishes included Chicken Adobo, some fried "pig face" dish (that was actually pretty good), and TONS of fish (Grouper, Marlin, Snapper, etc.). Possibly my favorite dish was a spicy vegetable dish Gising-Gising (literally translates to "Wake Up, Wake Up.") San Miguel beer is from the Philippines (lots of people don't know that) and we drank our hearts out. For $0.50 a bottle how can you not? They even had "San Miguel Negra" which is rare even in the Philippines according to Sam, but it was like heaven in a bottle. Filipino food is super salty and the next morning we were all super swollen. But the grand total of our meal (and we made several comments about how we ordered WAY too much food for seven people) was about $7 a person. Assah!

_MG_7787 copy
Our hotel dining room in P.P.
_MG_7784 copy
Butterflies everywhere...
_MG_7951 copy
Tricycles everywhere...
_MG_7952 copy
Our new friends! From left: Sam, Helen, Joan, Sheila and Joana
_MG_7955 copy
pearls (don't worry I probably bought you some...)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Puerto Princesa Underground River

_MG_7871 copy
_MG_7889 copy
_MG_7890 copy
_MG_7896 copy
_MG_7903 copy
_MG_7909 copy
_MG_7926 copy
_MG_7914 copy

Journey to the Underground River

_MG_7841 copy
_MG_7857 copy
_MG_7870 copy
_MG_7873 copy
Just your every day, garden-variety Monitor lizard. "Bite your head off, man."
_MG_7936 copy
_MG_7941 copy

Sabang, Philippines

_MG_7805 copy
_MG_7820 copy
_MG_7825 copy
_MG_7834 copy
_MG_7835 copyb

Hong Kong Phooey