Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tokyo in 20 Minutes

We didn't exactly make it to Tokyo as Adam led us on a little southbound detour to Hiroshima. While I was a little bummed to not get to see much of Tokyo, it was pretty great to hang out with Adam for an extra day and night in Hiroshima. It was absolutely worth seeing too. Pretty controversial, but really really awesome to see the A-Bomb dome as I think its important we (young people who weren't around for WWII) see first-hand the effects of an Atomic bomb. After an exhausting day of traveling, baseball game and several Asahi beers later, we called it a night - sleeping a little later than planned the next morning. We only had time to take a train around Tokyo but to be perfectly honest, it wasn't too too different from Seoul. Yeah there is better architecture but in the end I'm glad I got to see other parts of the country instead. That being said I may NEVER post on this blog again as I logged well over 25hours editing photos last week and don't plan on picking up my camera again (until next weekend anyway).

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_MG_9361 copy
_MG_9370 copy

Okanamaksnaki (how do you spell this)

Easily the weirdest food I've ever eaten. Get this (in this order): thin pancake, bean sprouts, bacon, egg, noodles, cheese, weird sauce, dill (was that dill???). It tasted like Christmas, however. A Hiroshima specialty.
_MG_9340 copy
_MG_9345 copy
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Hiroshima Carps Game

_MG_9299 copy
_MG_9307 copy
Japanese ballpark food.
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_MG_9323 copy
_MG_9336 copy
_MG_9332 copy

Hiroshima Peace Park

I've had several people ask since I posted these pictures, "did people treat you weird/rudely/different because you were an American in Hiroshima?" and I feel I should address that question now. Japanese people, whether influenced by their religion or just innate outlook on life, do not seem to hold grudges. As a whole, I noticed that the Japanese were very calm, reserved, patient, kind and friendly. When I was walking through Peace Park, I kept thinking to myself..."I don't belong here...they are probably offended by my being here..." but it wasn't like that at all. An old man shared his crackers so I could feed the birds with him. I think the Japanese realize that individual Americans are not responsible for the Atomic bomb. (Especially ones under 30 years old.) It was such a stark contrast to seeing Pearl Harbor two years ago where it was all "THE JAPANESE DID THIS, THEY ARE TO BLAME, THEY ARE THE ENEMY!" Hiroshima was much more a place of love and a memorial to the families and individuals who lost their lives than pointing a finger at the United States. There is a lot I feel we can all learn from them.

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_MG_9271 copy
A-Bomb Dome
_MG_9264 copyb
_MG_9273 copy
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_MG_9284 copy

Monday, October 4, 2010

Naoshima by Day

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Friday, October 1, 2010


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Same Same, But Different

If you will remember last year's Chuseok low tide photos, these may feel like deja vu...

_MG_9165 copy
If I had a hammer...I'd hammer in the morning...I'd hammer in the evening...all over this land...
_MG_9177 copy
_MG_9164 copy
_MG_9185 copy

Yo Campsite!

J and Eve found an incredible spot overlooking the bay/water of Naoshima for us to set up camp. It was a pretty unreal sunset (like every sunset in Japan...Land of the Rising[Setting??] Sun, you know).
_MG_9137 copy
_MG_9143 copy
_MG_9153 copy

Toilet Spider

_MG_9126 copy
_MG_9128 copy

The Infamous Naoshima Pumpkin

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_MG_9117 copy

Superfast Jellyfish

_MG_9086 copyc
_MG_9096 copy
_MG_9099 copy


On Tuesday (can you believe that was only two days worth of pictures...), we got up early and made our way to Okayama then Uno then took a ferry to Naoshima, a tiny island of the southeast coast of Honshu. We'd made plans to meet up with two friends of mine from Texas (each of whom I met completely randomly in Austin and had both done a year in Korea). Naoshima is a tiny fishing island that was converted into an International art mecca. It was tres cool.
_MG_9058 copy
_MG_9064 copy