Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wind Chimes

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Lucy Dog

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High Line

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30 Rock

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what a Beautiful, Beautiful human being.


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John Reagan + Mason Dixon

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john reagan triptych 2
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Feed The Animals

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If Found: Return to Brooklyn Zoo

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Lingerie Partaay

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Mr. Chow

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The Standard Biergarten

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Mott Street

snowpocalypse 2k11
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Graham Smith Hails a Cab

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

i luv SF

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Muir Woods

We made the trek out to Muir Woods on the first day of the torrential storm that hit the west coast in December. Maybe not brilliant (as we were soaking) but it was so cool to see these Red Woods - some of which are nearly 1000 years old.

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camel toe.
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Helen In The Backseat

H took some photos that encapsulated three significant moments:

1) the first time the three of us (Tom, Eby, Helen) were together since we lived together in Spain four years ago
2) crossing Golden Gate bridge
3) the first time I drove in 18 months (on a wet, cold day in San Francisco - probably not the best place to re-get my training wheels)

Don't worry, we survived.
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