Thursday, May 27, 2010

Assorted Shots from Busan

_MG_7229 copy
_MG_7238 copy
Haeundae Beach (Cross-Processed)
_MG_7249 copy
Lighthouse @ Haeundae in the rain
_MG_7270 copy
Sarah and Matt on the KTX

Seojeong Beach (서정), Busan + Jasmine/Buddha's Birthday

We went down to Busan for a 3-day weekend (for Buddha's Birthday....yes...Buddha has a birthday). Buddha's day of birth also coincided with one of my most favoritest people I've had the fortune of knowing this year, Ms. Jasmine LaRue Hagans. And what a better way to celebrate a day of birth than drinking on a beach and then eating pizza on another beach and then visiting a friend's new bar and then seeing live music? I got drunk not once, ladies and gentlemen, but twice on Friday!

Busan is a cool town but unfortunately for us, the next few days didn't have such beautiful weather. We spent most of Saturday in a TGIFridays and a mall, and the majority of Sunday in a Chinese Restaurant (albeit we spent Friday and Saturday there too) and a Starbucks. What the cuss Rain Gods?! I'll be back, Busan...and Scott...

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_MG_7183 copy
We were the only people on the entire beach wearing swimsuits. Yes, Koreans swim in all their clothes.
_MG_7188 copy2
_MG_7202 copy copy
_MG_7216 copy
_MG_7219 copy

KTX Station

Headed to Busan for Buddha's Birthday...

_MG_7170 copy

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hwanseon Cave (환선굴) or "Rave in a Cave"

As part of our two-day excursion to Korea's east coast in Gangwon Province, we visited Hwanseon Cave - the largest limestone cave in Korea and one of the biggest in Asia at 8km in length. It was flippin sweet. Caves are my all-time favorite naturally occurring Earth formation and this was one of the coolest I've ever seen...

_MG_7014 copy
_MG_7021 copy
_MG_7049 copy
_MG_7066 copy
_MG_7106 copy
_MG_7155 copy
_MG_7145 copy
_MG_7090 copy
_MG_7119 copy
_MG_7161 copy

In and Around Samcheok (삼척시)

Samcheok is a quiet little town in Gangwon Province on the East Coast....we found an awesome fish market (fresh as hell and beats the pants off the one in my humble opinion), a funky early 90s bridge, a great beach, and an incredible jimjilbang.  We were the ONLY wayguken we saw all weekend - got tons of stares from the locals but the people here were exceptionally friendly and went out of their way to help us when we were lost (which was often).

_MG_6929 copy
_MG_6936 copy
_MG_6947 copy
_MG_7166 copy
I guess they were staging a coup...

Samcheok Fish Market

_MG_6968 copy3
_MG_6981 copy
_MG_6994 copy
_MG_6990 copy
_MG_6998 copy

Samcheok Beach (삼척시)

This place was deserted in mid-May, but come summer, its going to be swarming with people. I honestly didn't think I would see such beautiful water in Korea, but there ya go.

_MG_6733 copy
_MG_6730 copy
_MG_6727 copy
_MG_6741 copy

East Coast Adventure

This past weekend I went to the East coast of Korea (which is the Pacific for those of you who may not be so geographically-inclined), specifically the quiet city of Samcheok. While the travel gods were not with us this time, Josh, Zak, Helen and I had an amazing time - the weather was perfect and we got to see a less traditional (if you will) side of Korea.

This is my new friend/travel guide/discount coupon: Josh :)
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Seoul World DJ Fest

nothing but dancing for 12 hours. hollla.
_MG_6465 copy
_MG_6467 copy
Dali faced.
_MG_6473 copy
_MG_6543 copy
it actually happened this way. love it when lights hit my camera's retina. woot.
_MG_6493 copy
like Lincoln Logs for electro-kids
_MG_6482 copy
_MG_6610 copy
_MG_6575 copy
_MG_6600 copy2 2
DJ Dryft
_MG_6697 copy
6am: our new heady friend Brent Swanson (he was at Rothbury and is from MI!), Hell-In-A-Bucket and a Kiwi
_MG_6675 copy
late night noisy conga line

Monday, May 3, 2010

"Are you guys from Texas...?"

_MG_6445 copy


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_MG_6437 copy