Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Mermaid Parade! (Part C)

One last installment...

IMG_1383 copy
Donny Vomit and his hotty girlfriend.
IMG_1378 copy
Just some mermaids on horses.
IMG_1404 copy
IMG_1399 copy
this makes me laugh.
IMG_1411 copy
Miss Coney Island Leftovers 2011
IMG_1415 copy
IMG_1414 copy
Zak and Zoe
IMG_1409 copy
IMG_1418 copy
Zak and Melissa rockin out
IMG_1423 copy
The end.

The Mermaid Parade! (Part Deux)

So a lot of Saturday involved standing around. Here are some shots from the hour (and a half?!) before we actually started moving.

IMG_1332 copy
Donny Vomit. (The Human Blockhead)
IMG_1343 copy
Thats Leah and Zak.
IMG_1339 copy
Not sure who this fool is..
IMG_1327 copy
Getting antsy...
IMG_1352 copy
IMG_1368 copy
Noah, Zoe, Lan and Meag
IMG_1336 copy
Ally. So pretty.
IMG_1372 copy
Zoe. Bein' fab. (As usual.)
IMG_1373 copy
One of about 1287 photos Corey was asked to be in.
IMG_1374 copy

The Mermaid Parade! (Part One)

So one of the biggest events at Coney Island is the annual Mermaid Parade. It was also one of the biggest projects I, personally, have been working on since starting my job working for Shmaltz this summer. For those of you who may not know, I'm working for a beer company in NYC (we make He'Brew and Coney Island Lagers...both of which are unfortunately not in Texas). It's delicious.

Anyway...hilarious, crazy, fun day. Here's some proof :)

IMG_1285 copy
This is Matt. He is one of my favorites.
IMG_1291 copy
This is Zoe. She is my amazing roommate. And sexy to boot.
Luciana and Lillia. Lillia is Matt's. All day I was referred to as "Matt's Babysitter" by a bunch of other Shmaltz employees - awesome.
IMG_1307 copy
Look at my beautiful, beautiful friends.
IMG_1305 copy
IMG_1321 copy
IMG_1312 copy
I mean, be cuter.
IMG_1323 copy
That's Luciana's dad. He pretty much saved the day.

Coney Island Pre-Storm (Figurative + Literal)

IMG_1264 copy
IMG_1270 copy
My buddy Alfonso! Love this man.
IMG_1281 copy


My little worker bee roommates preparing their fab costumes for the Mermaid Parade. Seriously, I live with two of the most talented and creative people I've ever met.

IMG_1257 copy

Friday, June 3, 2011

Will and Jen Get Hitched!

One of my oldest (note: Kindergarten) dearest best good friends, Will Neuhaus, got married at the beginning of May. The wedding was easily one of the more fun ones I've been to. We excursion'd to La Grange and Round Top, Texas for a truly incredible day/night. So many old friends. So glad I could be a part of it.

Congrats y'all!

p.s. I promise now that I have moved to Brooklyn, I will get inspired and take more faux-toez.

IMG_1030 copy
Tiny little church in La Grange, Texas
IMG_1013 copy
IMG_1040 copy
IMG_1076 copy
He was magical.
IMG_1066 copy
IMG_1081 copy
IMG_1083 copy
Ashley + Elliott
IMG_1099 copy
IMG_1115 copy
My favorite parents in the world.
IMG_1117 copy
IMG_1124 copy
CIRCLE 7, wooooooooooooo!
IMG_1121 copy
My Zach.
IMG_1142 copy
IMG_1160 copy
IMG_1146 copy
IMG_1177 copyWayomafied + Zach
IMG_1172 copy
IMG_1193 copy
IMG_1213 copy
IMG_1219 copy
best photo of the night.