Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mike Hamm, Rest in Peace.

My good friend Mike passed away this past Saturday. It was unexpected and happened very fast but if there is one thing I've learned about Mike in the past week or so is that boy-oh-boy was he loved. Like woah. He was magnetic and endearing and earnest and simply a GOOD human being. I am sad to have lost a NYC TexPat and will always remember the day I took this photograph of Mike in Coney Island.

We had just rode the Steeple Chase and the ride tech gave us an extra turn on it for free. He wasn't particularly eager to have his photo made after the rickety ride and a few beers but I knew the combination of his awesome shirt and the bright purple wall behind the boardwalk would look amazing.

Along with so many others, I will miss this face and never forget him. Love you Mike.


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  1. I like your photo! I'm one of Mikey's friends from childhood, and I miss him, too. I was just thinking about him, and Google brought me to this post. It makes me smile to hear how many other people loved him. Take care.