Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Mermaid Parade! (Part Deux)

So a lot of Saturday involved standing around. Here are some shots from the hour (and a half?!) before we actually started moving.

IMG_1332 copy
Donny Vomit. (The Human Blockhead)
IMG_1343 copy
Thats Leah and Zak.
IMG_1339 copy
Not sure who this fool is..
IMG_1327 copy
Getting antsy...
IMG_1352 copy
IMG_1368 copy
Noah, Zoe, Lan and Meag
IMG_1336 copy
Ally. So pretty.
IMG_1372 copy
Zoe. Bein' fab. (As usual.)
IMG_1373 copy
One of about 1287 photos Corey was asked to be in.
IMG_1374 copy

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